About our Pumpkin + Buttermilk Soap

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Pumpkin + Buttermilk

I have blended natural, fresh pumpkin purée and buttermilk powder together in this cold process soap. The pumpkin gently exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, while buttermilk provides deep hydration and a soothing touch. Together, they create a soap that not only cleanses but is also nourishing, leaving your skin looking revitalized and feeling incredibly soft. It's an excellent combination for those seeking a pampering, skin-loving experience. Below, i have outlined some of the great benefits of these two ingredients.

Pumpkin purée is a popular ingredient in cold process soap for several reasons. It is high in vitamin A and antioxidants and can help promote healthy, glowing skin. There are natural enzymes in pumpkin that can also gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it feel smoother. Pumpkin has a rich, creamy texture that contributes to a luxurious lather, while it also has an earthy, warm scent.

Buttermilk is a valuable ingredient in cold process soap. It has a high level of lactic acid content which serves as a gentle exfoliant, which helps to remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresher complexion. The lactic acid also contributes to buttermilk's skin-smoothing properties, leaving the skin feel soft. Buttermilk is also known for its moisturizing qualities, making it a fantastic choice for dry or sensitive skin types. Buttermilk also creates a creamy texture and subtle lactic scent to soap, enhancing both the feel and fragrance of the final product.

The natural, fresh pumpkin purée and the buttermilk powder blend together perfectly, creating a silky, creamy soap bar of soap. So, I decided not to add any fragrance to this soap because I didn't want anything to overshadow their natural goodness.

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