Handcrafted - Small Batch - Phthalate & Paraben-Free Products
Here at Thistle & Barley we strive to create beautiful, nourishing, and skin-loving products, carefully curating each ingredient with these qualities in mind. 

The Thistle & Barley soap lab is based in Frogtown, (South Central) Pennsylvania. We make and cut every small batch of soap by hand which means every bar is unique. Although we try our very best to duplicate batches, due to the handcrafted nature of the soap there will be slight variations in size, color, and design of each bar. The photos on this site are for reference only.

All of our soaps are cut and then cured for 4-6 weeks to ensure the bars have hardened sufficiently to last longer. To extend the life of your handcrafted soap, please place it on a soap dish or other surface that drains well to allow the soap to dry between uses.

Did You Know? 

The FDA strictly prohibits soap makers from making any health related statements regarding beauty products.  We are not  health or medical professionals. We do not claim that using our products will have any positive or negative mental or physical health benefits.  Descriptions about our products are solely for informational purposes and simply describe the properties of the ingredients.
*Please discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.